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LewisFox Law’s very own radio program, The Happy Hour, is on Fridays at 6pm on AM 880 The Biz. Every week, Robert Lewis and Marbet Lewis will discuss alcohol industry legal trends as well as news that affects your dining and nightlife experience. Listen to the premier episode here.

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Is the alcohol industry in trouble with the newest wave of young beverage consumers? A recent study has gained significant attention in the last several months based on its conclusion that members of Generation Z are drinking less alcohol compared to previous generations. Who is Generation Z? According to the

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In recent years, private label products have increased in popularity with the general public. Private label products are those which have been created specifically for, and in some cases by, retailers – for example, Amazon-branded household products – to be sold exclusively via one sales channel. With the ease of

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Trends Shaking Up the Cocktail Scene Gin distilled down the street; cocktails aged like bourbon or moonshine; negroni’s infused with shallots. One quarter of the way into 2018 three cocktail trends are showing up at bars and restaurants across the country. This year, when you go out for a drink,

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Shedding its Drug-war Past, Colombia Turns to Medical Marijuana A growing trend in Latin America focuses on  the legalization of limited amounts of narcotics for personal and medicinal use. This is a topic of increasing debate in the U.S., with great legal variation between states and the federal government. Legalized

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