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The comparisons of Millennials, Gen Z, and Baby Boomers are plenty, and Millennials have had an impact on everything from the housing market to the alcohol market (maybe the avocado market, too). There has been ample reporting of late on how Millennials are impacting alcohol sales, as they favor alcohol-free

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With the recent uptick in stories about young people falling ill and dying from the effects of E-Cigarettes, the Federal Trade Commission has ordered that six e-cigarette makers furnish four years of their data on sales, advertising, and promotions of these products.  According to a recent Law 360 article, the

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Yahoo News is reporting that America’s Wine Industry Is Feeling the Effects of Recent Tariffs. The article discusses two recent events. The first is a report that President Trump has mentioned adding a 100% duty on French wine. The other is that China has imposed a 93% surcharge on American

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In the case Bellion Spirits, LLC, et al v. United States of America, et al., a Federal Judge in Washington, DC, denied Bellion’s Motion for Summary Judgment and granted the Government’s Cross-Motion in a deceptive labeling matter.  Bellion infuses their vodka with a compound called NTX.  They claim “NTX helps

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Just the other day, we posted a blog entitled Florida Distillers Go to Capitol Hill to Urge Support for Craft Beverage Modernization and Tax Reform Act.  Apparently, representatives from other states have been addressing their concerns as well.  As reported in The Hill, Kentucky’s two senators, Mitch McConnell and, Rand

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