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January 2018

Retailer highlights

January 18 saw Miami make the list of 20 companies in the running to become home to the second headquarters of the online commerce giant Amazon. In September, 2017, Amazon announced its search for “HQ2,” a term coined by founder Jeff Bezos, who, coincidentally, grew up in South Florida. The

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Global News

Everyone seems to have an opinion on the Tax Cut and Jobs Act pushed through Congress by Republicans and signed by President Trump mere days ago. With so many divergent opinions out there, it’s hard to tell partisan blustering from genuine analysis. But one thing is clear: the alcohol industry

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BeerGlobal News

Prior to December 5, 1933, flappers and mobsters canoodled in speakeasies while sipping moonshine and other contraband beverages. The law of the land – enacted through an amendment to the U.S. Constitution — was straightforward with all manufacturing, sale, or transportation of intoxicating liquors being prohibited. The nationwide ban on

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