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In the case Bellion Spirits, LLC, et al v. United States of America, et al., a Federal Judge in Washington, DC, denied Bellion’s Motion for Summary Judgment and granted the Government’s Cross-Motion in a deceptive labeling matter.  Bellion infuses their vodka with a compound called NTX.  They claim “NTX helps

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Just the other day, we posted a blog entitled Florida Distillers Go to Capitol Hill to Urge Support for Craft Beverage Modernization and Tax Reform Act.  Apparently, representatives from other states have been addressing their concerns as well.  As reported in The Hill, Kentucky’s two senators, Mitch McConnell and, Rand

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Last week, distillers from around the country met in Washington D.C. for the industry’s 10th Annual Public Policy Conference, co-hosted by the Distilled Spirits Council of the United States and the American Craft Spirits Association. Heads of the Florida distilleries participated in congressional and senate meetings to urge support for

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Trends Shaking Up the Cocktail Scene Gin distilled down the street; cocktails aged like bourbon or moonshine; negroni’s infused with shallots. One quarter of the way into 2018 three cocktail trends are showing up at bars and restaurants across the country. This year, when you go out for a drink,

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Today’s modern drinkers are changing. Although beer continues to remain the beverage of choice for most consumers, wine and spirits have remained popular as well. But gaining popularity are craft products in all three categories: wine, beer, and spirits. Polling and consumer purchase numbers are showing three major trends shaping

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