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Facebook updating policies to prohibit alcohol sales

Facebook’s policy shift has been reported on and confirmed by CNN and Craft Beer & Brewing Magazine. The sale of alcohol and tobacco products between private individuals is now prohibited on Facebook and Instagram. Sales were previously prohibited in Marketplace, but this change includes comments and posts. Posting pictures in groups dedicated to the products are not prohibited.

Stay tuned for any changes, and for developments on how the social media giant will deal with bartering and trading of alcohol and tobacco products.

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Marbet Lewis

Marbet Lewis

Marbet Lewis has focused her practice on the laws governing the alcohol industry and the manufacture, importation, and sale of alcohol beverage products since 2004. She represents clients in all aspects of alcohol and business licensing in Florida including alcohol licensee mergers and acquisitions, negotiation of asset purchase agreements and required alcohol use provisions, license transfers and licensing due diligence, trade practices, alcohol product advertising and review of marketing agreements, importation agreements, label approvals, and regulatory compliance guidance. Her experience also includes enforcement action defense and administrative litigation, zoning and land use due diligence and approval processes, and state and local government regulatory compliance. She works with domestic and foreign suppliers, wholesalers and a broad range of retailers, including nightclubs, bars, movie theater operators, hotels, restaurants, supermarkets, bars, nightclubs, and pharmacy chains.

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