Recent Tariffs May Impact America’s Wine Industry

Yahoo News is reporting that America’s Wine Industry Is Feeling the Effects of Recent Tariffs. The article discusses two recent events. The first is a report that President Trump has mentioned adding a 100% duty on French wine. The other is that China has imposed a 93% surcharge on American wines, much more than wine from other countries. The bottom line is that there may be some rising concerns for American wine producers. Click here to read article.

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Robert Lewis

Robert Lewis

Robert F. Lewis focuses his practice on the laws governing alcohol industry members at all three tiers as well as tobacco, and other regulated products. Rob has accumulated over 25 years of experience in the alcohol industry including previously serving in law enforcement and as a special agent with the State of Florida Division of Alcoholic Beverages and Tobacco. Rob’s experience includes working with foreign and domestic alcohol industry clients in a wide variety of issues including alcohol licensing and structuring of alcohol service operations, alcohol trade practice analysis and consulting, defending regulatory enforcement actions as well as state and federal investigations of alcohol industry members, administrative litigation, land use and zoning analysis and approval processes, and state and local government lobbying efforts. Rob has also served as an expert witness on matters relating to alcohol beverage law and administrative code provisions in Florida.

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