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Marvel’s Deadpool Named Creative Director of Espolón Tequila Just in time for the release of Deadpool 2 in theaters, Espolón Tequila, distributed by Campari Group, has announced that the Marvel superhero is their new Creative Director of Culture ’n’ Stuff. 20th Century Fox and the Campari Group are obviously having

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Trends Shaking Up the Cocktail Scene Gin distilled down the street; cocktails aged like bourbon or moonshine; negroni’s infused with shallots. One quarter of the way into 2018 three cocktail trends are showing up at bars and restaurants across the country. This year, when you go out for a drink,

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Aspen, Colorado’s 2017 year-end sales tax report is in, and it shows cannabis sales surpassing alcohol sales for the first time when compared to off-premise sales. cannabis sales represented $11.3 million of Aspen’s combined retail sales of $730 million in 2017, a 16% increase over the previous year. Alcohol, meanwhile,

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When you watch a nationally televised sporting event, you’re bound to see several advertisements for alcoholic beverages. In some way, each one tells viewers to drink responsibly. In fact, some use the phrase “21 means 21.” This, of course, references the legal drinking age in the US. But wait a

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